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Wow! Check out this new community! How Cool!

Founder's Note: A new community was created that combines different elements of Harry Potter/Schooling/Rating Community. It is not a looks rating community before ljusers get upset. It is a rating community on your mind and personality. We've taken the concepts of Harry Potter Schooling, taken away the magic, added logic, added the traditional rating community rules and academy_elite for Elite Thinkers/Artists/Musicians/Debaters was created.

This is a rating community not based on looks but rather on your personality and intelligence (more on your intelligence/logic). This community has very strict rules to follow but many activities involved. It's an Elite community for artists/writers/musicians/thinkers.

academy_elite History: This community was created by taking Harry Potter; Hogwarts Schooling, taking away the magic, adding logic, adding rating community tactics and wham you have a School Academy for Elite Thinkers.

Our Term schedule is;
May 27th - July 31st
August 27th - October 31st
November 27th - January 31st
Febuary 27th - April 30th

We award points for winning competitions and being active which earns the student The Student Cup. We have active Academy Assistant's (AA's) that have their own offices with their own contests/trivia/discussions, our homework assignments. Our application is short but requires a lot of time to fill out. You have to make us feel that you are Elite. Still interested? academy_elite Term starts May 27th! Don't be late for Class!

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