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Name: Lottie
Birthday: 7/27/90
Age: 14
Location: Great Bend,KS.
Political Status(Republican, Democrat, Independent,etc..): Lean toward Republican.
Religion: n/a
Hobbies: reading,writeing,poetry,listening to music, hanging out, drinking( too much for my own good ), dancing, bieing me.

Movies: (Funny ones - Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back & Lone Star State of Mind ) (Lovey-ish - Angel Eyes, A Walk to Remember) (Just beacuse I can- Baby Boy & Enough )
Books: A Walk To Remember, Wounds, Interview w/ the Vampire, Salems Lot, Harry Potter
Music: *ANYTHING* I like *ALL* music!!
Color: Purple
Store: Wal-Mart & Fashion Bug (haha i'm such a dork!)
Magazine: N/A
Sport: Does sleeping count?
Athlete: N/A
Actor: N/A
Actress: N/A

What are your views on...
Abortion: I believe in abortion in a few cases. If you've been raped,'s okay. If it's incest then, yea. Or, if it's a life/death situation..and you're not going to make it through child birth and the child won't or something to that matter then yes. But, if you're just using abortion as a method of birthcontrol NO. I believe that if you think you "can't take care of the baby" THEN YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE HAD SEX IN THE FIRST PLACE!! or if you dont want a child...adoption in both of those cases!!
Capital Punishment: Depends on what they've done.
Sex and Violence on Television: Sex & Violence is going to be in our world & society no matter how much it's influenced on TV or not. People have been having sex since the beginning of's a part of life..if you want to get technical sex *IS* life! Violence..well...that's been in our world for ever too! Even if it wasn't on TV it's *NOT* going to go away. It's just more accepted nowadays.
Religion being encouraged in society: I believe people should be able to develope their own views,thoughts, and beliefes.

This or That...
A million dollars or a lifetime of health? Well, I'm not healthy as it is, so a million dollars.
The soulmate of your dreams or many, fun partners? Soulmate.
Red nail polish or black nail polish? Black
Hockey or football? Neither.
Dressing up or dressing casual? Casual & Dressy (( skirt w/ a t-shirt,etc. ))
Being old fashioned or being modernistic? Some of both!

Share a quote you love:
" Happiness is like peeing your pants,everyone can see it, but only you can feel the warmth! "

Are you ever compared to anybody famous either by your looks or personality? If so who? Nope.

If you could trade lives with any celebrity, who would it be? No one. I don't want to be famous..I dont want all of my personal business aired to the public!

Who is your "role model"? Do you look up to anyone in particular? Why?
I look up to females in my family. Everyone in my family has succeeded some way in their life..rather it be Nursing, Parenting, or working @ wal-mart for 20 years..they've done something for them selves, and i adore my aunts & my mother very much.
Do you have any special skills or talents?
I can tye a cherry stem in a knot w/ my tonuge, I'm flexible for bein' a fat chick, i have a very high pain tolerance, I'm very mature for my age ( or so i've been told.)
Finally, what makes you unique?
(( changed the spelling on unique...don't shoot me! ))
I'm unique because i weigh 300+lbs @ 14 years old, I've always been big, I cary my weight well, and I still have the confidence to walk out of my house and tell the world to kiss my big @$$!!! if they don't like what they see.

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